Boxer Puppies: Cute Pictures and Facts

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Animated. Playful. Energetic. A little cuckoo in the best way. These are a few ways that parents of Boxer puppies might describe their pooches.

The Boxer is one of the most popular dog breeds for good reason. Those adorable looks are backed up by big personalities.

Do you think a Boxer puppy is right for you? Brush up on your facts about Boxer puppies before you adopt!

Your Boxer puppy will be rambunctious and full of playful energy when you take them home.

When they’re a puppy, the fact that they’re running so fast that they’re fishtailing is adorable. When they’re three years old and 65 to 70 pounds, that fishtailing rump can knock right into a side table. That can make quite a mess!

Boxers are known for their puppy-at-heart attitude that shines through their young adult years. Be sure to give your Boxer puppy plenty of space to exercise and play, and teach them how to settle down if need be.

In play, your Boxer puppy will do their best Muhammed Ali impression by standing on their hind legs and making a jabbing motion with their paws. This endearing form of play isn’t where the Boxer puppy’s moniker comes from, though.

Experts believe the name “Boxer” most likely comes from Germany, where they were originally bred to hunt large animals. “Boxer” is thought to be a derivation of the German word “Bullenbeisser,” or “bull biter.”

A Boxer puppy’s adorable smushed face is almost reason enough to bring one into your family. Boxer puppies have a jaw known as an “undershot,” which means the lower jaw curves and juts out slightly from the upper jaw. In layman’s terms, that just means your Boxer will likely have the most charming underbite ever.

Boxers puppies are energetic and intelligent. If things don’t go their way, Boxer pups may pout or insist with a couple of gentle nudges that they should get what they want. This stubbornness also can carry over into aggression. Some Boxers can get rough with dogs of the same size and sex. Be sure to socialize your Boxer pup early and often and set up expectations early to avoid too much drama.

There’s something that your Boxer pup will enjoy just as much as running around and playing fetch for an hour: snuggling on the couch with you as you binge-watch your favorite series.

Boxer pups are some of the world’s biggest lapdogs. Your Boxer puppy will have tons of energy, but as they age, the need for snuggles and downtime will start to balance out with the need for play.

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